Open toll system challenged

Gurjeet Singh




Chandigarh, April 26 (DNS)- The open toll system where motorists are charged for using national and state highways at flat rates has come under the judicial scanner. In a petition filed in public interest, advocate Dinesh Kumar Chadha said the people “are suffering financial losses due to the unfair policy of the government”. Elaborating, he said the people are not being charged fee for the actual length travelled. “In other countries, the tolled roads are normally accessed controlled. Therefore, toll is charged on the basis of the distance travelled.” Quoting examples, he said: “In Punjab the factual position is contrary to the mandatory provisions ... There would now be seven toll plazas from Chandigarh to Pathankot (220 km) and five toll tax barriers between Chandigarh and Jalandhar (151 km). “The journey from Amritsar to Jalandhar would see two toll tax barriers, whereas the total distance between these two cities is not more than 80 km. There would be three barriers between Anandpur Sahib and Chandigarh. “Moreover, there are a number of toll plazas within the States of Punjab and Haryana which have been established within the local limits of the municipal area of a town... “The growing numbers of toll tax barriers are now becoming an irritant for the commuters already paying VAT on the vehicle besides road tax and fuel cess.” Taking up the petition, a Bench headed by Acting Chief Justice MM Kumar issued a notice of motion to the Union of India and the State of Punjab for May 3.
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